Info Edit




Species: Striped Tree Dragon (human term) Mara-Mara (elf/dragon term)

Gender: Female

Age: Hatchling (Young)

Abilities Edit

Flight - Pei has wings, and is able to fly. She is still young, however, and tends to be clumsy when taking off and landing.

Extra Durable - While she's small, Pei is about as durable as a full-grown average dog rather than weak. She can be handled fairly roughly without taking physical damage.

Accelerated Healing - Pei heals very quickly; wounds usually mends within minutes, and broken bones (if set) can mend in an hour or two. (This ability disappears when she reaches adulthood.)

Telepathy - The little dragon cannot speak normally, but she has the ability to form a telepathic link with nestmates and other creatures to communicate. It is only used for speaking, she cannot peek into other people's thoughts.

Elemental Affinity - Mara-Mara are elemental beings and they are controlled by the forces of nature. Their state and surroundings control their breath weapon, immunity and scale color.

State: Fire
Scale Color: Red
Breath Weapon: Fire
Immunity: Fire
Triggers: Anger, upset, hot, exposed to fire/heat.

State: Water
Scale Color: Blue
Breath Weapon: Ice
Immunity: Cold
Triggers: Cold, wet, sad, exposed to rain/snow/ice.

State: Wind
Scale Color: Gray
Breath Weapon: Lightning
Immunity: Electricity
Triggers: Frightened, flying, exposed to wind/electricity/electrical objects.

State: Earth
Scale Color: Green
Breath Weapon: Poison
Immunity: Poison
Triggers: Normal mode, exposed to poison/natural surroundings/earth.

Grimoire Edit


Pei's Grimoire

Pei's grimoire is really, really tiny, and is attached to a chain so that she can carry it with her when she flies.

She cannot really write in it, and uses her telepathy to speak to people.

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